Hi Folks,

Good news! Our container of Magware has just arrived at our fulfilment warehouse in the US. We have begun checking in all the stock and making sure everything is in order. As it is a full container of inventory, it will take awhile to unload and seperate everything into individual product groups. As soon as this has been completed, we will get all our ducks in a row and begin to pack the individual pledges and get them ready to be sent out. We expect the whole process to take around 2-3 weeks to complete. I will send out another update when we begin shipping. A email with a tracking code will also be sent out but there is usually a slight delay with these as they work with the courier services software and it can take time to update.

If you have not yet filled out your Pledge Manager survey, please do so as we can't send out your Magware until we receive back you survey with your address details. Please check your spam folder and if you still can not see it please contact us at kickstarter@full-windsor.com and we will send you a link.

Ok better get back to it, be in touch again soon when your Magware start going out the door :)



February 01, 2024 — Mark Windsor