Heya folks,

And we're off to the races!!!!! 

Magware has now begun shipping out. Over the next week and a half you will receive a email letting you know your Magware bowls and plates and on their way to you along with a courier tracking code, so you can track their progress. The majority of Magware will ship via Fedex with a few exceptions.

I know its been a long road getting here, but hey, that's all apart of the fun and games we play bringing out new products that have never existed before. It's a long slow trudge and anyone who tells you different, really hasn't been down this path before.

I can only but thank you yet again for your great show of patience and the amazing support we have recieved along the way, it's blown us away!

I will be sending out another update shortly with some guidance on Magware care, even though it is included on the packaging (PLEASE READ BEFORE USE), I just want to iterate some of the important points again.

If you have still not yet filled out your Pledge Manager survey, please do so as we can't send out your Magware until we receive back you survey with your address details. Please check your spam folder and if you still can not see it please contact us at kickstarter@full-windsor.com and we will send you a link.



February 12, 2024 — Gino Villame