Heya Folks,

We are getting ready to send out your survey to capture your address information and other details we need to fulfill your pledge. Surveys will go out on Friday 12th January. The email for the survey will come from Kickstarter (no-reply@kickstarter.com). If you don't receive your survey, please make sure to check the spam folder of your email address that is connected to your Kickstarter account. I will send out another update once all the surveys have gone out, just so you know when to check if you haven't received yours.

You will be asked for the address you want your Magware sent to. If you ordered any Magware cutlery single sets you will be asked to select your color preference out of the five color choices. You will also have the option to make any add-ons or upgrade your pledge if you wish.

The Magware shipment is currently crossing the Pacific Ocean and is set to arrive at our warehouse in Georgia on 28th January. It will take a few days to unload the shipment and check-in all the stock. Then we will begin packing all the individual orders and they will begin being sent out. It will take around two weeks to send out all the pledges. Once your pledge is sent out then you will receive a further email with tracking information on your pledge. 

Please fill out and send back your survey as soon as you can, as a delay in filling out your survey might create a delay in sending out your pledge. We are not able to send out your pledge until we have received back your survey, as the information in your survey is linked to our fulfillment warehouse's software.

Thanks yet again for all your understanding and patience with the slight delays we have experienced. It is greatly appreciated!



January 11, 2024 — Mark Windsor