Heya folks,

Production is nearing completion for our Magware bowls, plates and cutlery :)

Things have been pushed back by another 2 weeks unfortunately, as our manufacturer has had to wait longer than expected for the packaging and cartons to arrive. It looks like we will be sea-freighting to our US fulfilment warehouse beginning/mid December now. We are still waiting to hear back from our freight forwarder on exact sea-freight lead times, but it usually takes between 3-6 weeks to arrive in the US. As soon as the shipment arrives with us in the US we will begin shipping your Magware out to you. Unfortunately, we are nearing the silly season, so sea-freighting might be on the longer side, particularly with customs clearance delays during peak period. Once I have exact dates from our freight forwarder, I will send out another update.

I just wanted to send out a short update to let you know everything is still progressing nicely and that we are still pushing forward as hard as we can.



November 15, 2023 — Mark Windsor