Heya folks,

Production is still in full swing. We have just heard from our manufacturer that because of the higher than expected yield (scrap) rate that I mentioned in my last update, timings have moved back slightly by around 3-4 weeks. We initially planned for production to be finished mid October, and to fulfill late November, but it is now scheduled to be finished around mid November.  We are Sea-freighting the entire production run to the US, then will send out all orders to backers from here. Sea-freight takes around 4 weeks door to door, so it looks like we will begin fulfulling all pledges around mid-late December. I apologise for this delay, but it is just all a part of new product production I'm afraid. 

We have learnt from previous campaigns to send out the surveys as close as possible to the fullment date as people move addresses and accidentally forget to login and change their address on the survey software. Hence we will be sending surveys out in December.

For all those backers that pledged for a Full Magware Bowl and Plate Set with cutlery included, below is a very similar box to what will be arriving to you.


Below are some videos showing some of the processes involved in production that you might find interesting. 


Initial Stamping Process


Polishing Process


Polishing Process


Ultra-sonic Welding Process - This process fuses the two plastic parts into one piece of plastic totally incasing the magnets.



 Be in touch again soon.



October 16, 2023 — Mark Windsor