Hi Folks,

Good news!!!!!

Production is fully completed and your Magware Bowls, Plates and Cutlery are on their way via sea-freight to our fulfillment warehouse here in the US. We have been given a 40-60 day window by our freight forwarder for the container to arrive at our warehouse. This puts us at around the end of January to start sending out everyones Magware.

We will be sending out all the surveys asking for address detail etc around start-mid January. The surveys will be sent out via email, so please keep an eye on your inboxes and also check your spam folder just in case. We don't want to send them too early as we have run into problems in the past with backers moving after they have completed their surveys and then forgetting to update their address details.

I will send out another update in around a month and a bit as then we will have an exact arrival date as hopefully the shipment will have passed through customs at that point. 

Thankyou all greatly for your patienceand support, its been most appreciated. We couldn't ask for a more understanding and great group of backers!

Have yourself a Merry Xmas and a restful holiday period :)



December 15, 2023 — Gino Villame