Heya folks,

Production of the Magware bowls and plates is progressing along. Although production is a little slower than our manufacturer originally anticipated. The main reason for this is due to it being the first production run of this new product, and our manufacturer has informed us that the scrap rate percentage is a little higher than they expected. The scrap rate percentage is the percentage of products that do not pass all the rigerous quality control checks we have in place.  Our quality control team inspects the products at each stage of the production processes, they pull products out of production that do not pass each test.  When there is a higher than expected scrap rate, our manufacturer stops production for a short time to fine tune all the processes. Because quality is our number one concern during production, we have to accept the small delays it takes to fine tune and optermise all the processes before production starts back up again.

By having strict QC measures in place, we know that we will be 100% happy with every product that makes it through production, but this means that to begin with there can be delays. Our manufacturer is saying that they don't think too much time will have to be added on, but they need a couple more weeks running full production before they can let us know if there will be any extra time added to the schedule.

Below are some shots of the finished products that have already passed through Quality control and been placed in packaging.

The bags for the full sets of Magware production run is in full swing and on schedule. Below are some freshly finished bags.

Sorry for the longer than expected gap between updates,  I was waiting to get the exact timings before I posted the update, but unfortunatly I don't have this just yet, so I thought I would just check in and let you know where everything is.

I will be in touch again hopefully soon with a complete update including exact timings.



September 14, 2023 — Mark Windsor