Hi guys and girls,

I wanted to give you a bit more background about how the Splitter came about. Please find below some questions that were put forward to me, that I have attempted to answer.

Where did the inspiration for The Splitter come from?

After releasing our Muncher multi utensil last year we got a lot of feedback from our wonderful backers telling us how much they loved the Muncher, but it didn’t solve the problem of being able to get right to the bottom of dehydrated food pouches to scrap out every last bit of food. We looked into this and rather than just bringing out a long spork, I thought about what other problems I myself have run into when out camping or backpacking. Cooking is always a problematic area as it isn’t always feasible to take full size kitchen utensils with you and a lot of the light-weight/ minimal solutions are made from cheap and nasty plastics with little thought having gone into their design. I thought there must be a better solution and that is how the splitter came about.

Why Kickstarter?

Why not kickstarter is more the question. Kickstarter has so many advantages when it comes to launching a new product that it is hard to list them all. The main ones however are building a community, product validation and raising funds for production. Building a community I think is the most important of all when establishing a brand. A brand is nothing without its followers and kickstarter gives you the means to reach and build this community. 

When designing the Splitter what was the main focus? 

I wanted each function to work just as well, if not better than, a stand-alone kitchen utensil with just the one function. We labored over getting each function to work just so. We are immensely proud of the final result and can't wait to bring it to our kickstarter community. 

What is unique about the Splitter?

We feel there is no other Spatula/ Spork/ Tongs combo out there that functions as well and comes in such a compact / light weight solution as the Splitter. Its multi uses combined with it light weight and compactness makes it an ideal backpacking and camping companion.

What have you learnt from your previous kickstarter projects?

We have learnt to get as much of the design for manufacture development done as possible before we launch on Kickstarter. This time around we have been working with our manufacturer for the last 6 months on The Splitters design, so we are all ready to begin to make the tooling as soon as we have the funding if not before.

Where does the name “The Splitter” come from?

We have a bit of a theme running when it comes to naming our products. It began with our first cycle multi tool ‘The Nutter, then ‘The Breaker’ and last year it was ‘The Muncher’. We love the playfulness behind the names so why not roll with it. ‘The Splitter’ came about when we were making the kickstarter video brainstorming names and our friend Alex just straight off the bat said “it has to be called The Splitter”. We thought about it, the product splits into 2 parts a bit like a slit board, so that made sense to us. And Alex had already claimed it, so there was no turning back really.



October 18, 2018 — Mark Windsor