Hi everyone,

Let's get straight into it. So where are we at? 

 The answer is that we are getting there, just very slowly. We are in the very last stages of production now. All the Munchers have now finished being cnc'd and are either being polished /sand blasted or laser engraved. The photo below shows polished Munchers waiting to be sand blasted.

So why don't you have your muncher yet? 

We haven't been able to send out the munchers yet because they are not finished (I guess that is stating the obvious, but that is indeed the case). Our manufacturer has experienced irregularities with portions of the manufacturing run. When the munchers have gone through quality control checks, we have found that a good portion have needed to go through an extra deburing process, which involves using a hand dremel (as shown below) to shave off the excess burring (they cannot go into a tumble machine as it would blunt all the edges). This along with every muncher being hand polished takes a lot of time. Our manufacturer is being very meticulous with quality control checks as they go along, so none go through that are not perfect (again more time).

When will I get my muncher? 

I have been hounding my manufacturer for the past few months with this question (as I am definitely feeling the pressure), but their responce is that they can't give an exact date because they don't know how many need the extra processes until they have gone through each quality control check. I am really hoping that by the start of August they will all be ready to go out.

I know it has been quite awhile since my last update. The reason for this is, well... .. because there really hasn't been much to report on except everything is taking much longer then expected, and no one really wants to keep hearing that over and over again.

I am really sorry that we have experienced all these delays and you don't have your munchers yet. We are now on the very last final stretch, so please hang in there. I am really trying to get your Munchers out to you as quickly as possible, please believe this. Hopefully not much longer now. Thank you all for your patience.



July 18, 2017 — Mark Windsor