Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delayed update, I had been waiting on some more information from our manufacturer for this update. We have been working away but have run into some more small problems of late with production. A couple of weeks ago we started to see larger heat marks appearing during the forming process of the spork that we hadn't had before that weren't possible to be polished away completely. We had to therefore stop production again and investigate why this was happening. It turned out that the heating method had become too isolated on a particular section of the spork and we needed to reconfigure how heat was distributed over the surface area to make it more even for forming the concave shape of the spork. It has taken a number of weeks to fine tune this process and get it all sorted out but the good news is that all the munchers are now perfectly formed (they all look the same as the one on the left below) unfortunately this has again delayed production again.

Below you can see we have fixed the problem with the muncher on the left, the ones on the right show the issue we had to address. 

A large number of the Munchers have now been cnc'd and we have begun the polishing process. Below you can see the cnc process in the picture and video.

As previously mentioned all the other components (pouches/ferro rods/carabiners) are finished and ready to be put into their packaging, they are just waiting on the muncher utensils to be finished. Below are some of the first munchers to be polished and will soon be sand blasted.

So with all the Munchers now being cnc'd or beginning the polishing process we hope we will have an idea of when they will be ready to send out very shortly, I am still just waiting on our manufacturer to give us an exact date. Again I apologise for the inconvenience caused by the delays, I know the time frame keeps changing but we need to make sure that they are all perfect before we send them out. I can assure you we are getting closer and closer everyday and that no one cares more about getting your Muncher out to you as quickly as possible as I do! It is all I tend to think about at the moment and will do everything I possibly can. Thank you all very much for your patience.



June 12, 2017 — Mark Windsor