Hi Guys and Girls,

We have just received confirmation from our manufacturer that Magware is on its final stretch of production (phew!!!). They have stated that production will be finished and all Magware will be ready to ship out to the US on the 18th of December. We have informed our freight forwarder and they have made all the necessary arrangements. 

This is how they are looking :)


So at the moment these are the dates we are looking at:

18 Dec - Magware gets picked up from our Manufacturer.

24 Dec- Shipment loaded into container and placed on vessel.

26 Dec - Vessel departs from Yantian Port, China.

11 Jan - Vessel arrives at Port of Los Angeles, United States.

26 Jan - Shipment arrives at fulfillment company in Georgia.

26 - 31 Jan - Fulfillment company packs pledges and begins shipping them out to backers.

Obviously there can be snags along the way that can alter freighting timelines as there are a lot of variables in play outside of our control, such as; custom clearance times and port authority container management. So these are just the best case scenarIo dates at the moment. I will be tracking the containers movements and will let you know if any hiccups occur as we go along.

If you do need to update your address before we ship, please do it directly in Backerkit as this is directly linked to our fulfilment companies database. Simply login to Backerkit then click 'edit your address' in the top right hand corner. This will also show you your Magware pledge details.

Thank you all again for your amazing show of patience and understanding! It's been a long old year for all of us, and to have such amazing and understanding backers has made a huge difference to my mental health.

I'll be in touch again soon.



December 02, 2020 — Mark Windsor