Hi Guys and Girls,

Sorry for the delay in updating you, I have been waiting on some information from our freight forwarder before I sent out an update. All Magware production was fully completed mid-December and the shipment was picked up on the 18th December as scheduled. Unfortunately the world's Sea freight is a bit of a mess at the moment due top the pandemic. Our freight forwarder has just informed me that the shipment got delayed by 2 weeks being loaded onto a vessel due to lack of container availability at the Port. Vessels are being held up at Ports all over the world due to the pandemic and are unable to unload. This has caused a shortage of containers in Ports in Asia. The freight forwarder has just sent me through a new revised schedule (this is what I was waiting on).

Please see below:

06 Jan- Shipment loads into container and placed on vessel.

08 Jan - Vessel departs from Yantian Port, China.

31 Jan - Vessel arrives at Port of Los Angeles, United States.

1-13 Feb - Customs Clearance

14 Feb - Container departs LA via rail

17 Feb - Shipment arrives at fulfillment company in Georgia.

18-23 Feb - Fulfillment company packs pledges and begins shipping them out to backers.

Sorry for this further delay, unfortunately, I have absolutely no control over the world's sea freighting and customs clearance times. 

Below are some more pictures of the final product, I am super happy with the quality of the production run :)



Just a reminder if you do need to update your address before we ship, please do it directly in Backerkit as this is directly linked to our fulfilment companies database. Simply login to Backerkit then click 'edit your address' in the top right hand corner. This will also show you your Magware pledge details.


I will keep you updated as shipping progresses. Thank you all again so much for your patience!



January 04, 2021 — Mark Windsor