Hi Guys and Girls,

I am just finishing off getting the surveys ready to send out. I am hoping I will have them finished by the end of play today and will send them all out to you on either Wednesday or Thursday. This is just a quick update to let you know to look out for them in your inbox. 

We will be using Backerkit for the surveys, which means the surveys will be a lot more detailed and will allow you to change your address details right up until the point about two weeks before we ship.

In regards to manufacture, production has now started and will hopefully be all finished in around 6 weeks time. From then we will need two weeks to pack all the orders and get them to our fulfilment company. So I am hoping to send out all orders around late April.  I will keep you updated on this timing as we go along.

Thanks once again for your patience and understanding around the small delays in production due to us changing manufacturer. It's hugely appreciated!



February 19, 2019 — Mark Windsor