Hi everyone,

I have just received the first samples off the tooling  for the Breaker(T1). From first appearance they looked good.

I have just begun testing the T1's and have come across a small problem with the thread on the chain breaker starting to cross thread when put under large amounts of force when breaking a very stiff chain. I have contacted my manufacturer and we have started to look into how this can be fixed. It could be for a number of reasons, so we are going to go through it all methodically until we have identified exactly what is wrong and then get it fixed. We will also strength test the tool to make sure it is robust as possible.

In regards to time scales, sending out the products in April now looks unrealistic. I want the product to work perfectly for every user and am not prepared to rush anything through  and sacrifice quality. I would prefer to make the best functioning tool we possibly can and have it arrive a little late. It is hard to give exact dates to when it will be ready as it is dependent on how long it is going to take to fix the few niggles. Then the manufacturing lead time is 45 days. Of course at each stage I will update you so you know we are working hard to get the tool out to you as quick as we can without sacrificing quality. I apologize that we will not be able to deliver in April. 

Also just for your interest, here is a glimpse of how the packaging is going to look.

 I will update you again soon when I know more.



March 31, 2015 — Mark Windsor