Hey everyone,

We have just received back samples (image below) using both the forming and cutting tools. We have tested them out thoroughly and all functions seem to be working well. We will now go ahead and harden the tooling and get it ready for production. As you can see from the image of the sample below we have also cnc'd the chamfers for the peeler/can opener/ butter knife. There is a few small changes to make here but all is looking good. In the production run all the Munchers will also go through a tumbling machine to deburr them before they are cnc'd.


The next step while the tooling is being hardened is to apply the finishing processes to the samples, this involves polishing and sand blasting. Our manufacturer has already begun trialling different processes and we are hoping to decide on the best combination soon. This is when it will really start to look like the prototype you have seen.

I will be in touch again as soon as we have samples with finishing applied to show you.




February 28, 2017 — Mark Windsor