Hi guys,

We now have over 1500 backers with 27 days left of the campaign. I just wanted to let everyone know that because we got off to a flying start with the kickstarter campaign, we have now begun making the stamping compound dies needed for the manufacturing process. Multiple dies are needed to be machined for the manufacturing of The Muncher. The tools are quite complex and will take around 5- 6 weeks to make, we are expecting them to be finished around the end of January. Once finished we will begin initial first off tooling testing. Below is a video showing a similar process to how the dies will stamp out and form The Muncher.  The Muncher also requires an additional cnc process to give it its perfect finish.


I hope everyone is beginning to wind down for the holiday season and has started to let the mulled wine flow.

Cheers - Mark

December 23, 2016 — Mark Windsor