Hi guys and girls,

This is quick one just to keep you in the loop. Unfortunately things have been crawling along as our manufacturer keeps experiencing big delays with material suppliers due to Covid-19. It seems that material suppliers are operating with very limited capacities still and shipping within China is majorly effected at the moment, so everything takes an age to reach our manufacturer.

We do however have 1st off tooling samples that should be arriving with us in a week or so, so at least that is something.  I know it is very frustrating to hear this, but on a positive note at least we are moving forward, just be it very very slowly.

I know you will be asking, will I ever receive my Magware? The answer is 100% YES, I personally guarantee it! We have been working with our manufacturer for the last 8 years and never have they not delivered a quality product to us. Our manufacturer has also shown their generosity by sending me 300 surgical masks (they also make electronics that require masks to be worn for assembly) to donate to our local hospital here in Los Angeles. I used the site https://www.mask-match.com/ to find the closest hospital that is in need of masks, which happened to be Eisenhower hospital. Please check out their website if you happen to have any spare masks laying around.

I really hope that you all are staying safe and staying as positive as you can in these trying times. I will send another update as soon as I have more progress to tell you about.



April 16, 2020 — Mark Windsor