Hey Guys and Girls,  

Thank you so much for getting behind our Magware. We are super stoked it was fully funded in 30 minutes.  To start off let me introduce myself, as I'll be your point of contact for all things Magware. I'm Mark Windsor, founder of Full Windsor and Full Windsor's Product Designer. For those who aren't aware of Full Windsor, we are a small outdoors brand made up of a small team of creatives. We are based in Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, but our team works together from around the globe. For example, the guy behind the camera of the kickass video work is our main man Rob Antill based in Squamish, Canada. The deceased fish animation was illustrated by the talented Tony Elkington, based in London town. We have been around for about 8 years now. we started out in London, but moved to the US just over 2 years ago, we have also worked out of Berlin and Leeds previously, we're quite nomadic:)

Having hit our pledge goal we are now good to go on placing our order with our manufacturer . The first step is to get the tooling made which has already begun I'm happy to say.  I will go into all the details of what is involved in making and testing the tooling in a later post. I like to keep everything completely transparent, so I will be sure to get in touch most steps of the way with all the trials and tribulations (there are always plenty). All the technical stuff isn't everyone's cup of tea (feel free to just ignore) but it is of interest to some.  

Anywho, I'd just like to thank you all once again, and also ask that if you have any buddies that Magware might appeal to please share it, old school word of mouth is always the best.

Thanks yet again! Be in touch soon



November 14, 2019 — Mark Windsor