There is a way of thinking that is becoming more common, especially with outdoor enthusiasts. It reverts back to a previous generations attitude towards their possessions. Visit any museum and you'll see artefacts that were people's prized possessions that were kept safe and looked after meticulously. People are beginning to realise cheap plastic goods are of a disposable nature and over time they will nearly always develop a weak point that will break leaving the entire product as yet another thing to simply throw away. The reality of throw away culture is that there is no such place as 'away'.  Cheap plastic products are causing a massive environmental problem, polluting our Oceans and killing our sea life. Items of value made from durable materials are much less likely to fall trap to this same fate. If an item is cherished, then hopefully it will be kept until either it is lost, or past on to someone else. With this way of thinking, purchases are much more thought through and considered. To create such items requires a lot of thought and consideration, high quality materials that stand the test of time, and functionality that works so well, it is simply a pleasure to use.

This is the thought process and a consideration we try to implement every time we design a new product at Full Windsor.