Hi Guys and Girls,

We are delighted to be able to tell you that the Splitters are now on their way out to you, if they haven't arrived with you already. You should have received a notification from Backerkit with a link to go and check the tracking information. 

If you never received this email, please log into Backerkit (or search Backerkit in your emails inbox or spam folder for the Backerkit email) and click on the shipping tab in Backerkit. Here you can click on the tracking info link to view tracking information.

If you are in the US your tracking code will also work with USPS tracking.

In your package you will also receive a postcard with details of the photo competition we will be running. We would absolutely love to see how you use your Splitter!

Thanks so much again for all the support and your extreme level of fast patience. It's hugely appreciated. Enjoy your Splitter!



June 28, 2019 — Mark Windsor