Hi Everyone,

I'm sitting here banging my head against a brick wall as my manufacturer still does not have the tools ready to ship out. Apparently they had a delay with the material for the threaded pin head to arrive and these are still being made. I didn't know this until this morning. 

I feel I am at their mercy at the moment as there is nothing I can do except ring them everyday asking for updates and their response is that it will be ready soon. Their lead times that they originally gave me are turning out to be very rough estimates indeed. They have again told me another 2 weeks.

I am having a hard time writing these updates at the moment, as who wants to be the person that can't give good news. But I can again reassure you that your tools are indeed coming, on my skype video call this morning I was shown all the tools packed and ready just waiting for these last piece to be finished.

Again my humble apologies, I desperately hope the next update is with better news.



August 28, 2015 — Mark Windsor