Hey guys and girls,

I'll get straight into it. We have hit a small snag during the manufacturing process, which has lead to some necessary problem solving and as a result some delays have occurred. Here's the low down:

We discovered that the high polished finish of the Muncher slightly rounded the edge used to strike the ferro-rod too much during manufacture. Because of this we couldn't get the ferro-rod to spark. We therefore had to put the brakes on production and put our thinking caps on. After about 2 weeks of brain storming and making a number of samples we have come up with a solution to fix the problem that is feasible for mass production (coming up with a solution for one utensil wasn't a problem - being able to implement it easily for mass production was the hard part). Rest assure we have now solved the problem and will start production again. The solution (as seen in the image below) was to laser knurling onto the striking edge. The pattern of the knurling creates small ridges, that equate to greater friction against the ferro rod when being struck. This scrapes off more ferro material creating a larger reaction and hence greater sparking.

 So in a Nut shell, this has added about 3 weeks to the production period. So unfortunately we are not going to be able to send out the Munchers in April as hoped for. It is now looking more like late May. This is a bummer I know, but I wanted to make sure the quality of the product is the best we can possibly make it. I wouldn't want to send out something I wasn't 100% happy with.

Last week we sent out all the surveys through backerkit, which hopefully you have all received  and have managed to fill out and send back. If you haven't had time yet, it would be hugely appreciated if you could please fill out your survey as soon as you can. If you haven't received your survey please direct message me through kickstarter and I will sort it out for you.

Thanks immensely for your patience and understanding, I will be in touch again soon.



April 11, 2017 — Mark Windsor