Hi Guys and Girls.

I hope you had a great break over xmas and had fun bringing in the New Year.

We have great news to start the year off, tooling has been completed bang on schedule. The next phase is now set to begin, this involves testing the Magware coming off the tools. This is the part of the process which usually involves a bit of tinkering to get the tolerances and material properties just so. Once everything is as it needs to be, we will then harden the tooling and schedule production to begin. Once we start creating 1st off tooling samples I should be able to post some photos showing you the processes going on.

I will be sending out Backerkit surveys in the next couple of weeks. This is where we ask you to supply us with your delivery address details, confirm the exact details of your pledge and also where you will be able to add on any extras if you so please.



January 14, 2020 — Mark Windsor